​​2018 Tentative Schedule & Pricing

Coming soon!!!

Keep your eyes open for pop-up events!

All Pre-Registration pricing ends 7 days prior to the day of the event.  Full event pricing goes into effect after midnight the Friday seven days prior to the event. The only exception is if Legacy Track Dayz management has a special promotion or you are a VIP access member.

*All PBIR Legacy After Dark events will now be gates open at 5pm and run hot track from 7pm-11pm with gates closing at 11. On the combo days you will be allowed to remain in the facility in preparation for Saturday's full day event.

Multi-Event Packages

Legacy will now be offering multi-event packages in different increments for pre-paying for more than one date. We will also be offering a 10% discount for anyone purchasing 2 or more events at a time. (Contact us at time of purchase to receive the discount code. All packages below will include a one year V.I.P Access membership. (Please review membership page for details)

Option 1:

Podium Finish: $2,000 (Full Price $2500)

1 full season of events along with 1 full year of V.I.P.+ Access

​Option 2:

Race day: $1500 (Full Price $2000)

All Legacy/CCS Saturday Track Day Sessions with 1 full year of V.I.P. Access

Option 3:

​Friday Night Lights: $750 (Full Price $990)

All Legacy After Dark Friday night Events along with 1 full year of V.I.P. Access. 

Any questions or if you are interested in becoming an investor or sponsor please contact me directly either through the Legacy Track Dayz page on Facebook, messenger, Our company phone number 772-301-9097, or by email CJ@Legacytrackdayz.com