V.I.P. Access Program 

Base VIP Rider Access membership $125.00
This will provide you with access to our trackside vendor discounts on parts and services, but may vary from vendor to vendor. We will announce who our trackside vendors will be once we get full confirmation from them. You will also have access to premium pricing for TRU events outside of our area. This membership will be good for 1 year from date of purchase.

•EPP+ for an additional $25 and adds weather and personal protection should there be a need to not show up. More details about EPP and EPP+ below.

Here is what you will get:
•Pre-Payment for Access to a Seasons Track Rentals
•Valid one year from date of purchase.
•For all Legacy Track Dayz non-race weekend Events.
•No Post Registration fees.
•$25 Intstant TAT credit for purchasing Access.
•Ride 5 Consecutive events get $50 in Credit

​•Ride 10 events and get one free trackday voucher to any event.

*General Info and EPP Explained plus the Fine Print.

•Basic Event Cancellation (No Membership): Cancel by 8:00AM 7+days prior to the day of the event and receive 100% credit, or if you cancel less than 7 days, but up until 3 days before the event by 8:00am will receive 50% Credit. Cancelling less than 3 days prior to the event by 8:00AM will receive 25% Credit. No communication by the day of the event causes the rider to forfeit any payments made, and will not receive any Credits towards future events. Credit has a one year from issue date Expiration and can be used for access to Track Events only. Riders must send an email to be eligible for credit. Any cancellations after 8:00AM will need EPP or EPP+, see below. 

•Basic EPP (Event Payment Protection): This covers riders when an issue forces the rider to retire the day of the event by 8:00AM. The Club will issue a 100% credit 7 days or more before the event by 8:00am the day of the cut off, and 75% credit good toward future track time if after 7 days prior to the event by 8:00am the day prior to the event. The rider must email us by 8:00AM the day of the cut off to receive proper credit!

•EPP+ Event Payment Protection offers riders the same coverage as EPP (Event Payment Protection) for an additional fee of $25 and adds weather and personal protection should there be a need to not show up.  Weather or personal protection opt out is possible by not signing in the morning of the event. This coverage issues a 100% Credit to the rider for future track events. You will need to notify Legacy via email prior to 8:00AM the morning of the event for credit eligibility. 

•Multi-Day Rewards Program generates a Credit when two or more consecutive event days are booked at one time.  2 days receive $20, 3 days receive $30, after 5 days of riding, a $50 TAT credit is put onto your account. Riders must at tenor have someone attend in their place to receive these credits. If someone is standing in, we must have an email prior to the event granting permission to the stand in with all relevant information for the rider who will be attending.

•Credit is issued for a number of reasons, either as part of EPP or EPP+, or as rewards for repeat attendance. Credits can only be used 30% of its value at a time unless otherwise arranged by the organization and the rider.